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The Birth of RauQah

The birth of RauQah Muslimah Sportswear was inspired by the want from Muslimah who prefer modest sportswear that is loose and aurat covering.

Siti Julianah and Sutinah are my Silat Primary School classmates. Been in touch with them even though we have left primary school.

They have been asking me for years for drifit muslimah sportswear that they can buy in small quantity. They are both active in healthy lifestyle at their own pace. So are their teenage daughters now.

I have been in tshirt business since 2009 but I only take orders for a minimum of bulk 20 pieces.

In Oct 2016, I attended a Bring your Brand to Brunei Hi Tea Organised by Women of Haya and the opportunity to meet Mia Suria from Brunei.... ( RauQah wasnt born yet though ).

And so happens I had lunch with my these two GF in Nov 2016... and again the topic of drifit muslimah sportswear was brought up.

I went home, gave it a thought and decided to launch my own brand and creation of Muslimah Sportswear in early Dec 2016.

With the blessings from my husband and two daughters , RauQah which means " Beauty that captivates " in Arabic French is actually the combination of my two daughters name, was finally materialised. The name was actually created in Dec 2015 for my another muslimah apparel which does not pull through.

And RauQah Muslimah Sportswear was launched in Brunei on 1.1.2017 at BIFASH Concept Store by Mia Suria at The Mall, Gadong.

Why Brunei?
We have been trying to get into Brunei since 2015 to extend our tshirt printing services. Especially for muslimah. Meeting Mia at the Hi-Tea pave the way for us.

As I embarked on this new journey, I had met with many muslimah who really adored my loose and knee length design. We called it A-Cut design and its a bit flare from the chest down. Appropriately covering the necessary bulging.

Being able to meet Katt Katt from Women of Haya, through Harasha Bafana from Adam & Hawa Network, Katt Katt who happens to be looking for this kind of muslimah sportswear and now Katt Katt is an ardent supporter of Rauqah, strengthen my objective of catering to the want of likewise Muslimah.

A reminder from my husband, keep the design loose and knee length. That will be the trademark of RauQah.

With doa and support from my hubby, daughters, parents, siblings, in-laws, cousins , relatives and friends, I am blessed. Alhamdulillah.

RauQah Muslimah Sportswear.
Qooling, Qomfy, Qovering.
Simple yet Stylish.

Faezah Jonit

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