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The Birth of RauQah

Welcome to RauQah Muslimah Sportswear

At RauQah Muslimah Sportswear, our journey began with a simple idea – to offer Muslimahs sportswear that respects their values of modesty and ensures comfort while being active. We're delighted to introduce ourselves, share our story, and invite you into our world of modest and stylish sportswear.

Our Inspiring Beginnings

Our story is rooted in friendship and the unwavering support of our community. The founders of RauQah, Faezah, Siti Julianah, and Sutinah, have been friends since their Silat Primary School days. Their connection has remained strong even after many years apart.

Siti Julianah and Sutinah, along with their teenage daughters, were in search of high-quality, dri-fit Muslimah sportswear available in smaller quantities. This inspired Faezah, who had been in the t-shirt business since 2009 but primarily focused on bulk orders, to explore a new path.

The Birth of RauQah

The pivotal moment came in October 2016 when Faezah attended the "Bring your Brand to Brunei Hi Tea" event organized by Women of Haya. Here, she crossed paths with Mia Suria from Brunei, although RauQah had not yet taken shape.

In November 2016, during a casual lunch with Siti Julianah and Sutinah, the conversation once again gravitated toward the need for quality Muslimah sportswear. This time, it struck a chord with Faezah. She returned home, reflected on the idea, and decided to embark on an exciting new journey.

With the heartfelt blessings of her husband and two daughters, Faezah breathed life into RauQah. The name "RauQah," meaning "Beauty that captivates" in Arabic, was born from the fusion of her daughters' names, a name she had held dear since December 2015 for another Muslimah apparel project that didn't materialize.

On January 1, 2017, RauQah Muslimah Sportswear officially made its debut in Brunei at BIFASH Concept Store by Mia Suria, located at The Mall, Gadong.

Why Brunei?

Since 2015, our team had been exploring opportunities to extend our t-shirt printing services, with a special focus on Muslimahs, in Brunei. Meeting Mia at the Hi-Tea event paved the way for us to enter this vibrant market.

Our Signature A-Cut Design

As we embarked on this exciting journey, we introduced the A-Cut design. It's all about a loose, knee-length silhouette with a gentle flare from the chest down. This design has been thoughtfully crafted to provide coverage without compromising comfort and style.

Our Promise to You

At RauQah, we are committed to meeting the needs of Muslimahs who value our loose and knee-length design. We're honored to have the support of individuals like Katt Katt from Women of Haya, who share our vision for modest sportswear. With their backing, we are determined to continue delivering top-notch, modest sportswear for Muslimahs.

A Guiding Principle

A simple yet powerful principle has become our hallmark, thanks to Khairul (Faezah's husband): "Keep the design loose and knee-length." This fundamental value is at the heart of RauQah.

Our Gratitude

We are incredibly thankful for the blessings of our families, friends, and supporters who have joined us on this incredible journey. Alhamdulillah, we look forward to serving the Muslimah community with dedication and sincerity.

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